With the official soft launch of the UpliftDAO social and educational platform and governance DAO site, what better time to dive in with a few of the acting UpliftNation trustees for an introduction and some insights.

In this episode Michael Blu of mBlu Crypto is joined by fellow trustees Ron Jordan, Hawk Bjorck, Jason Kemp, and Jimmy D to discuss the in’s and out’s of what got them here and their aspirations, visions, and insights on what Uplift Nation means to them.

Michael Blu: Uplift Nation DAO Profile l mBlu Crypto YouTube l Twitter l PixEOS Gallery l Emanate Music

Ron Jordan: Uplift Nation DAO Profile l Swiss Pacific Pumps l

Hawk Bjorck: Uplift Nation DAO Profile

Jason Kemp: Uplift Nation DAO Profile l Dapp Solutions l Twitter

Jimmy D – Uplift Nation DAO Profile l Twitter l UpliftDAO l Trybe.One


To learn more about UpliftNation and where we are headed with our mission and goals, have a gander at Upliftnation.io.

For more on the current UpliftDao trustees, check out their profiles on UpliftDACFactory.

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