Upliftnation.io and UpliftDAO.com have decided to join forces with Boid and launch their very own Uplift Nation BOID Mining team debuting in Season 4 of BOID Mining currently underway.  For the low down on Boid Season 4 and the role that the Uplift Nation team is hoping to play including an inside look to some of the great prizes the team will offer for those that help us along our goals in garnering resources through mining to help fight against the Corona Virus plight, simply sit back, relax, and tune in below.

You can read the official press release of the UpliftNation BOID Mining Team over on UpliftDAO.com at https://upliftdao.com/uplifting-the-capacity-of-boid-mining-together-4-a-better-tomorrow/

To join the Uplift Nation Team BOID simply head on over to https://app.boid.com/t/Uplift-Nation

Learn more about Uplift Nation’s goals, aspirations, and mission at upliftnation.io, read or contribute something to our educational and social hub at upliftdao.com, or join in the conversation and begin to directly interact at https://t.me/UpliftNation

Learn more about Boid by visiting their homepage at https://www.boid.com/

Check out more about DappSolutions and what they are up to at https://dappsolutions.app/