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You can’t build a city as a single person, nor can you undertake something of this magnitude alone.  We depend on our community for support in many ways.  If you’re unable to donate, share something interesting and educational.  Propose a new project or move for the DAO, or just weigh in with your thoughts and feelings.

We are still iterating on our user experience and platform, so consider this an alpha test for the time being which will inevitably improve as the project progresses.

Below you will find a way to interact with the community and post thoughts or initiatives; Teach someone in a disadvantaged country something about permaculture or blockchain that may help them improve their lives.  Suggest a new project, or even just introduce yourself and say hi.

Uplift DAO is not owned by one central party.  It’s owned by the community and supporters.  100 percent of all donations collected go to helping initiatives.  At certain times, we may elect to use funds to improve the platform or build other platform for charitable causes, but ultimately, the decisions rest on the community and members to the DAO.  It’s your platform.  Use it wisely.

Feel free introduce yourself to the DAO by submitting a post under the “General” category. Welcome to Uplift DAO!


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