This specially prepared tutorial walks through the process of the beginner stages of getting an EOS account and funding it to the point of being able to use it with some EOS based decentralized dApps. Of course a plethora of end games could be applicable here, but for the purposes of this tutorial the end process of interacting with the UpliftDAO seemed a good place to start. So whether you happen to be completely new to the crypto or EOS space, need a refresher course, or even have used different methods than those covered below and looking to broaden your knowledge scope, this simplified tutorial is directed at you.

And there you have it good ladies and gentlemen. Of course as previously mentioned this tutorial does not represent any financial advice nor paid endorsement of any of the products mentioned. And its not only these as there are a plethora of great ones within the space, but when it comes to EOS we really have to hand to them for all that they have done and continue to do.

We really hope that you enjoyed this video and found something of value within it. Blockchain and crypto are not always the easiest places for the beginner to explore, so if you did find this of use please do share this around to help us on our mission of showcasing the ease and power of making this space so much less complicated than what it needs to be.

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And of course as always, remember that as much as this is our passion, this is your Uplift Nation. So should you have anything beyond the above that you wish to enlighten us with, whether it be a cause, some skill to offer either the project itself or the community at large, your more than welcome to become as small or as big a part of this as your passions and heart do so desire.

Until that time again then, do take care and all the best in continuing upwards and onwards to improving the world around and becoming the best that you can be in all that you are intrinsically apart of.

The Uplifter